Moringa the Nutritive Plant

What could Moringa bring to the Westerners’ table?
Concentrated vitamins, minerals, all necessary protein constituents, beneficial fats, anti-oxidants, anti-aging and anti-inflammatory substances, all in a readily absorbable form and easy to digest is equal to an energy food. Very little in sugar and salt.

What nutritional daily value can Moringa give?
According to Optima of Africa, Ltd., a group that has been working with this tree, says that for every 25 grams (less than an ounce) daily of Moringa leaf powder will give a child the following daily allowances: protein 42%, calcium 125%, magnesium 60%, potassium 41%, iron 71%, vitamin A 272%, vitamin C 22%. The same benefits apply to adults and senior citizens, but only the percentages change. Obviously, Moringa is beneficial for people of all ages.

Western world suffer from serious nutritive deficiencies
This stem from poor eating habits (junk food, overcooking, mixing foods in an inappropriate way, insufficient consumption of fresh fruits, vegetables, and seeds, foods lacking valuable nutrients due to soil depletion caused by intense, monoculture, chemically-laden methods of agriculture or by over processing of foods.

Many people, unknowingly, have poor gastro-intestinal absorption of nutrients, which usually increases in seriousness with age. Many others lack the time to learn about healthy nutrition, while some are not educated enough to understand its importance. Still others simply don’t care, and stick with their junk food until their first or last heart attack. Multivitamins seem to be an easy and handy solution. However, many synthetic brands offer pills and products that cannot be truly dissolved and absorbed efficiently by the body.

Generally, vitamins and most nutrients are best absorbed and used by the body when they come from natural sources (plants, animals) and are present in naturally occurring, complex combinations. We are designed to best absorb vitamins from nature’s complex foods.

Moringa can become a unique “super food” in our arsenal
Moringa is unique because, even in small amounts, it can supply daily a wide gamut of vital nutrients with few calories. It would take really large amounts and many types of foods and calories to bring all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and anti-aging substances we should eat every day. Why not take a concentrated super food like Moringa. This means taking less pills while having more! Spending less and getting more!
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