Moringa the Medicinal Plant

Moringa is being used around the world by many cultures for a variety of ailments.

Some of the vitamins (specifically, vitamins A, C, E) are also potent antioxidants. Vitamins may be considered nutrients but they are also viewed as “medicines”. Moringa is a powerful vitamin factory; some of those present in the various plant include vitamin C, beta-carotene (a precursor of vitamin A), vitamin E, and many of the B complex group of vitamins.

Moringa has long been known to have powerful antibiotic effects and was used by various populations around the globe against infections. Modern science has confirmed and described at least some of the antibiotic substances in Moringa. For example, pterygospermin, has excellent antimicrobial and fungicidal properties. The Moringa leaf juice, was traditionally used and is used to treat many skin infections.

Natural hormones, enzymes minerals and various phytochemicals
Niaziminin, another Moringa phytochemical, was shown to have potent anticancer activity in animal studies. Interestingly, long before research validated the idea, people traditionally have used Moringa against abdominal and other tumors (cancerous growth).

Obtained from fresh leaves of Moringa are niazinin, niazimicin and niaziminin A and B which have hypotensive effect (lower blood pressure). These compounds belong to the family of mustard oil glycosides (very rare in nature).

One of the most exciting phytochemicals found in Moringa is beta-sitosterol. It acts to reduce the excess of cholesterol in the human blood. Although beta-sitosterol is not well absorbed by the body after ingestion, when consumed with cholesterol (found in animal fats) it effectively blocks cholesterol’s absorption. This ultimately leads to a lower serum cholesterol level.

A diet rich in plants such as Moringa can significantly improve human health by:
• Reducing cholesterol levels and triglycerides (“bad” fats in the serum).
• Controlling blood sugar and helping normal sugar and energy balance
• Offering vitamins and minerals vital for maintaining normal physiology
• Offering powerful anti-aging and anti-inflammatory natural substances, many with anti-cancer properties
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